Daigotsu Susumu

Daigotsu Susumu was a courtier of the Spider Clan and Imperial Advisor to Empress Iweko I


Daigotsu Susumu was a courtier of the Spider Clan and Imperial Advisor to Empress Iweko.

Susumu was the son of two ronin who were barely surviving when they were recruited into the fledgling Spider Clan. With future plans in mind, they were ordered to remain in the Empire, rather than traveling into the City of the Lost. Recognizing their new lord’s plan involved more than mindless zombies and such, they protected the boy from the taint.

Learning the arts of the courts from a sensei in the back of a tea house in an obscure village in Unicorn lands, he was taught the ways of the Voice of Daigotsu. Soon, he set off, accompanied by his yojimbo, Daigotsu Gyoken, he was eventually able find leverage on a local magistrate named Utaku Katiro.

Service to the Unicorn

Susumu presented himself to Ide Tang in the courts of Shiro Ide, introducing the Spider to the Unicorn, and offering the services of the ronin group in helping with the war against the Lion. While Tang was no fool, the prospect of further help against the Lion was appealing, so after the meeting, Tang agreed to take up the courtier’s request to the Unicorn Clan leaders.

Somehow Tsuruchi Etsui requested the aid of Susumu to divert the attention of the new Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen from trading activities involving the Third Yasuki War and the Lion march to Shiro Moto.

Exposing the Scorpion
Immediately following Daigotsu’s assassination campaign against the clans in 1170, Susumu approached Moto Chen, telling the Unicorn Clan Champion that the Spider had prevented many assassinations against the Unicorn, and offered proof in the form of dead assassins. Susumu then exposed both Ide Tang and Shinjo Nakaga as Scorpion Clan spies. For this, the Spider were rewarded with the support of the Unicorn Clan.

Imperial Advisor
After the Celestial Tournament, Susumu was appointed as the Imperial Advisor. Ide Yusuke, who was one of the leading contenders to replace Ide Tang as Ide Daimyo was not happy with the decision and confronted the ronin. As a result, Susumu killed Yusuke making sure it looked as if the Unicorn was mugged. Susumu also relished the moment as possibly the last time he might be able to kill with his own hands for a long time.

Winter Court – 1170
During the Winter Court of 1170-1171 at Kyuden Bayushi, Susumu participated in a series of controversial events, including the presentation of the nezumi K’mee to the Imperial Court by the monk Tanari, the offering of a relic by the fallen poet Rezan, and the discussion of the teaching of the prophet Fudo.

Daigotsu Susumu

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