Nobuyuki Yu

A "simple" opimum farmer of Ryoko Owari Toshi


Nobuyuki Yu is well build, heavily tanned and dressed in what appears to be rags. Typical farmer.

He has an odd glint in his eyes and his body is criss crossed with scars likely from old beatings or whippings.


Nobuyuki Yu is the foreman for most, if not all the poppies around Ryoko making him some what more important than most of the samurai that live in the walls of the city.

Yu has shown that he dislikes ronin or possibly samurai in general. Which is understandable.

It was discovered that Yu is possibly part of a, or running a different, smuggling ring. However before the party could find out more they crossed Zhao who mentioned Yu in a connection with Ng.

Nobuyuki Yu

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