Shosuro Sakurako

The young governess of Ryoko Owari Toshi


Sakurako is young fairly light skinned Scorpion with hair often braid down her back in two braids. Her eys are often painted to accent her clear blue eyes.

She is often in large colorful silk dresses of notable worth.

Like many scorpions she chooses to wear a sash that masks most of her face. The style of mask Sakurako wears is heavy cloth that conceals her appearance.


Sakurako was chosen to become the governor over Ryoko Owari Toshi following the arrangement with Unicorn clan. While young she generally didn’t have a negative reputation during the trade which made her perfect for being selected to run such an important site. Under her management revue and exports are up, making the bustling trade city even more fortuitous.

She has does this by creating her own syndicate to maintain both order, protection and profits in the city as most other organized crime organizations are unable to breach this elaborate ruse.

Her young age also means at the moment she is unwed and many suitors have appeared however she is unwilling to agree to any offers so far.

At the request of the Lion hostage Akodo Haruto, Sakurako organized a feast for the show of the travelling minstrels lead by Shosuro Butei. Invited are Moon Salih, Kaiu Ming, Akodo Haruto, and the players as well. Generally everyone but the players, and the lion are not happy about this turn of events. Though despite this the players managed to impress and delight the governess.

Sakurako has a secret deal with Moon Salih, where she pays for Sakura the Geisha ensuring that no other patron can “use” her services, in turn Moon as agreed to manage the syndicate the Governess created. Often times using the late Zhao Shiro as a figurehead and lighting rod.

Kaiu Ming has been some how convinced to build the wall of Ryoko Owari Toshi as high and as strong as she can make them without drastically renovating the city. In truth this is simply busy work for the Crab Giantess so she does no dwell on the fact that she has been put out to pastor by her clan for her injuries.

Nobuyuki Yu and Sakurako are in fact sibling born of two different mothers, by chance alone one was born a peasant abandoned by a father and the other born a samurai and hier to man who wished the boy was the heir and the girl a peasant.

Shosuro Sakurako

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