Moon Salih

The only honest man in an dishonest town


Almost Stereotypical Unicorn, tan big, mustached, sewn into his saddle. His name is Gaijin in origin.

Given his city life, Salih is a bit cleaner than his steppe cousins. His cloths a bit more cloth and silk than leather and furs. His armor is clean and his horse has been perfumed its mane done up in a fashionable way.

Salih wears his Menpō around his neck a sort of concession about being in a Scorpion town.


Moon Salih was “left behind” after the transfer of the city back into Scorpion hands. His guards are mounted and spend a great deal of time nearly running people over. Bets are placed on runners of any crime.

Salih is generally a man of little words, preferring action to speak for him.

Ryoko guards are a mixed bunch of clan samurai, ronin and the occasional peasant. Primarily Scorpion busi but Crane, Unicorn and Crab are in the majority. Salih as managed to cultivate the personality needed to lead a mix group and earn some respect.

The governess has made an arrangement with Moon in secret, to pay for Sakura the geisha. The magistrate has been seeing this geisha in a romantic way. As such this is considered a bribe in the strictest sense. Which has Moon running the syndicate for the governess in an attempt to some how pay off the debt. Salih meets with Sakura dressed as scorpion entering though the servants entrance least he endanger her. Though the city guard know where to find him if they need him.

Moon Salih

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