Shosuro Butei

The Scorpion... Actor?


Wears the latest style of the Imperial Court.

His mask fully conceals his face. Often uses the mask of an Oni or Devil face, though on Several occasions has used a Kappa mask.

The mon he wears is neither Clan, Family nor Imperial Specific. Instead is broadly unspecific and generic.


When asked after about Shosuro Butei in the Imperial courts there is something of an uncomfortable silence followed by a muttering of gossip or just a random conversation shift.

On another hand if you ask a member of the Scorpions clan members mention that Shosuro Butei is an actor.

Ask a member of the Crab clan look at you in confusion wondering who that is and why you are asking them.

Ask a member of the Crane clan look uncomfortable and admit he is fairly skilled, but never what skill they are talking about is mention or discussed.

Ask a member of the Phoenix clan and they will stare at you, asking leading question that goes around and around but never go any where until you simply drop the inquiry.

Ask a member of the Dragons frown in thought before they admit to having no commit.

Ask a member of the Mantis Clan ask you why they would know about someone like that.

Ask a member of the Lions growl and they tell you to leave while they grip there sword.

Shosuro Butei

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