Yoritomo Utemaro

Yoritomo Utemaro was a bushi of the Mantis Clan and the first Imperial Treasurer of Rokugan.


Fascination with Money
During the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War a young Utemaro quickly developed a reputation as one who would attempt any task. He would undertake even the most suicidal missions in order to reap the rewards. He eventually became one of the wealthiest individuals among the Mantis,


Utemaro served as governor of Kyuden Kumiko for a time, along with military commander Yoritomo Jera.

Ivory Kingdom Deals
In 1165 Rama Singh disembarked in Yasuki Yashiki to establish a supply of a special Crane ginseng variety, which only grew in the Fantastic Gardens of the Doji. It was the only material able to maintain alive his Maharaja. Usually any trade between the Ivory Kingdoms with Rokugan was made throught their Mantis allies. Yoritomo Kumiko did not know what reasons had the gaijin to talk first with the Crane, and sent Utemaro to discover it.

Concealed agent in Lion lands
Utemaro was sent to Lion lands disguised as a ronin called Kishimoto. He worked several times at the command of Akodo Bakin and earned his trust. In 1168 a group of bandits led by a man known as the Drunken Tiger stormed the Lion village of Chibasu, in the northern Lion lands near the Dragon border. They planted a Dragon wakizashi in one of the local Lion samurai guards, to misdirect the Lion retaliation toward their current enemies in the War of Silk and Steel. A local boy, Hachiro told the blade was planted by the ronin attackers. They found the bandit hideout and defeated them. Inside it was found what seemed to be a ciphered map of the Boar Clan. It showed hidden passageways through the mountains from where it was possible to move armies against Dragon or Phoenix lands. The next morning the map was stolen by Utemaro who was pursued by Bakin, who learned his true identity before the Mantis escaped. Utemaro earned the enmity of Bakin in the process. Utemaro had no idea that Bakin already held a copy of the map.

Khan’s Defiance
Utemaro was the highest military ranking Mantis in Toshi Ranbo in 1169 during the Khan’s Defiance and the assault upon the capital. Utemaro, his gunso Yoritomo Isoshi and Yoritomo Bakishi met with the Protector of the Imperial City Bayushi Norachai following the arrival of the Akodo army. Norachai wished to rearrange the defense of the capital, placing the Mantis on the east wall. Utemaro was outraged, but convinced by Norachai that it was necessary. After the departure of Norachai Utemaro consulted with Bakishi, who was in fact the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Naizen in disguise.

Third Yasuki War
When the Crane Clan and Crab Clan went to war in 1170, the Mantis Clan decided to aid the Crab by providing them premium equipment at a discounted rate. To help maintain profits, Utemaro under Tsuruchi Etsui’s command, used merchant pawns like Fat Boy to sell inferior equipment to the Crane Clan at greatly inflated rates.

Imperial Treasurer
In 1170, the new Emperor decided to create the position of Imperial Treasurer. This was done so the Emerald Champion could be freed from some of his less important duties. Utemaro was the first to bear that title. Utemaro was at first unsure as to what he would do with his newfound authority, but he soon decided to ‘reinvent the game’ when it came to matters of money in the Empire. Utemaro also knew that while he was an accomplished courtier in his own rights, many would look down on him for his association with money, thus he approached Yoritomo Yashinko to act as his ‘voice’ in the political arena.

Utemaro’s acceptance of this position was conditional, and the Empress agreed to the condition that he could rewrite the laws as needed to execute his duties.

Yoritomo Utemaro

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