Roll and Keep

X k Y + Z 10k4+2
How To X Roll, Keep Y, Add Z to result.
X Skill plus Attribute
Y Ring
Z Modifiers, like Raises
Max 10k10+ Z
X >10 X / 2 = Y
X >10, but Y = 10 X / 2 = Z
Y >10 Y / 4 = Z
Raise “Stunts” but make a task more difficult, -5 for each, can be taken repeatedly.
Free Raise Essencently free stunts, +5 for roll. Limited and Special Cases.


  • One Complex Action + Free Actions
  • Two Simple Actions + Free Actions
FREE ACTIONS Simple Actions Complex Actions
Draw a weapon (small) Activate a Kata (see Book of Water) Make an Attack
Speak Draw a weapon Cast a Spell
Move Action (Water x5 ft.) Move Action (Water x10 ft.) Skill Use (non-weapon)
Pull out a Spell Scroll Dismount a horse String a bow
Drop a weapon/item Guard Someone (Maneuvers) Mount a Horse
Pick up a Weapon/Item
Put away a Spell Scroll
Stand up

Attack and Defense

Attack Skill VS Armor TN

Armor TN (Reflex X 5) + 5 + (Armor)
Attack Damage Weapon Dr + Strength


Rank TN Increase Explanation
Healthy 0 This is the default condition of any character who has not suffered damage.
Nicked +3 A character who has been nicked has suffered a mild but distracting injury.
Grazed +5 A grazed character is injured, but still able to function without tremendous difficulty.
Hurt +10 A character who is hurt has begun to suffer noticeably from the effects of his injuries.
Injured +15 An injured character has difficulty focusing his attention on the task at hand.
CRIPPLED +20 A crippled character can barely stand, much less move. Any attempt to make a Move action is increased by one level of difficulty (a Free Action becomes Simple, etc.)
Down +40 A character who is Down is virtually incapacitated. They may speak only in a whisper. Such a character may only potentially take Free Actions, unless a particular wound makes such action impossible (and cannot take Move actions), and must spend a Void Point in order to be able to do so.
Out No Rolling A character who has been reduced to this level is immobile, unconscious, and likely dying. Once this Rank is filled, any additional damage inflicted to the character kills him instantly


Stance Boon Penalty Misc
Attack None None Default mode.
Full Attack +2k1 to all Attack Rolls, additional 5 feet for movement -10 Armor TN Cannot be used mounted
Defense Add Air Ring and Defense Skill to Armor TN Cannot Attack All other action can be undertaken.
Full Defense Defense Reflex roll adds half the result, round up, to Armor TN Complex action Cannot do anything else until they drop the stance.
Center Gain Void, plus +1k1 for one roll on the following turn, also Initiative Score goes up by one. No other actions this round. Prep for the next round.


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