Imperial Edict of 1710

In 1710, during the month of the boar, Empress Iweko I signed an Imperial Edict which will be known as the Edict of Cleansing Silk, by members of the Imperial Court with too much time on their hands in the Geisha dens. The edict was signed late at night, following an attempt on the Empress’ life by what many claimed to be Ninjas.

The Edict was simple and to the point, much like the new Empress herself, it stated in no unconcerned terms that the “clan” known as Kumo, or spider, Clan was not a clan nor shall it ever be recognized as one. Additionally all who wear or wore that clan’s mon were to be executed as a danger to Rokugan.

The campaign against the Spider Clan was won by subterfuge and guile. While the Spider clan is forced back, other threats grow and stalk towards Rogukan.

Konoe Shidan

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