Crab Council of Resources

"Motion carries, Next Vote" "Article 2278 the fishmongers-" "Pass!"


They are all peasants, maybe strong ones, but really just peasants.


The merchant guild that runs the Import and Export for the Crab Clan. They meet Weekly in the Guild house inside the Fisherman’s Warf. For the Crab Clan every warrior is used, and every peasant does what they must or they will die just as quickly. The council hands a lot of the Carb Clan’s day to day resource management.

Shinju the Traveller Mostly runs the travelling merchants and their organization, mostly makes sure everything gets where it needs to be and for the right price.

Yuuko the Farmer Manages the Rice management inside the Crab Clan. She spends more time figuring out how much you can starve everyone still complete required tasks.

Yahui the Miner manages the export of Jade. As Jade is so valuable in the empire her job is more to see if there is an excess and get what is needed where it is needed

Hana the Beautiful runs the trade goods side of things, she gets the Higher ranking families what they need when they need to go some place their materialism should reflect their status.

Taichi the Hammer runs the Labor camps if there is something needs building this massive mound of muscles can organize the crews to do it. Usually absent from meetings, he works nearly constantly rebuilding or building something.

Souta the Blacksmith Kind of in the name for this man.

Chika the Accountant Manages the Import and Export of the Clear Water Village Districts, she knows where it is or where it is going for every item in the village

Taro the Fisher Youngest member of the Council in charge of the fisher men.

Crab Council of Resources

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