Zhao Shiro

Gambling den Manager and Business man


Shiro is a short, hairless man in a flashy kimono. Often he has his arms out of his sleeves and is seen carrying a pipe, sometimes lit, sometimes not.

Shiro is easy enough to find, he is often out in front of the establishments he owns.


Zhao Shiro is a man with many fingers in many businesses, he seemingly runs some of the Red Lantern.

Shiro isn’t high on the list of of important people but he definitely one of the more powerful people in Ryoko.

Recently he has opened his mouth a little too much. Hinting that he is smuggling something rather large for Ng. However he quickly caught on to the group’s ruse. A conflict is coming.

A Watanabe Kouta approached the party about springing a trap on the party which would allow the party to take revenge on Zhao. The trap it seemed was for the party as well as they were locked in a burning building as a horde of Undead corpses were sent to attack them.

After word, the governess allowed the crane to take the head of Zhao as reward and apology for her subordinate’s behavior.

Zhao Shiro

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