Tag: Crab Clan


  • Kaiu Ming

    Ming is working on the wall for [[:sakurako-shosuro | Sakurako]]. Who wants something strong to repel attacks. She is only too happy to help as it means an opportunity to test new building methods while not besieged by hordes of the Shadowlands. She …

  • Daimyo Hida Yàosài

    Crab Clan Daimyo. Big, old, and cranky. He has gone to Kuda Mura, the central fortress on Carpenter's Wall, He'll return next season when the Winter sets in. Yàosài has outlived three wives he loved dearly. He has a collection of childern, nearly all …

  • Hida Sujin

    Hida Sujin is a man's man. He loud, fearless and has faced many battles on his own. He fights with wreckless that makes him a force on the battlefield. He is stoutly marshal in nearly all things. While garrulous in camp while in the city he is …

  • Gang Kaito

    Gang Kaito is a strange man who has more than proven himself to the entire legion of the 1st and 2nd.